Philosphy of wine making

Philosphy of wine making

Gasper wines are a result of a brilliant cooperation with Gašper Čarman and Winery Klet Brda, the biggest winery in Slovenia. With Darinko Ribolica, great enologist from Goriška Brda, they wanted a modern style with a strong seal of Goriška Brda. They were thinking about wine drinker, his expectations and wishes for long-term friendship with the wine, because the quality of wine is not the only factor. Friendly price and carefully polished appearance are also important. Label contains different fish characters because fish have been the trademark of Čarmans family wine and restaurant business for over 50 years.

Just like in French Bordeaux Gasper wines brand is characterized by the vertical integration of wine production and sales within a rounded wine-growing area, where the wine trader acquires grapes from several winegrowers and in close cooperation with the wine cellar, produces and markets wine under his own brand name. This type of wine production and marketing is very well known in French Bordeaux. 

Gašper Čarman sets the production and marketing guidelines for his wine brand. In doing so, he cooperates with 25 winegrowers from the Goriška Brda region, from whom the grapes are purchased and who cultivate wine-growing area of 80 hectares. Such vertical connection of stakeholders (winegrower - wine cellar - trader) enables better adaptation to changing tastes and demands of consumers, year-on-year consistency in terms of quality and quantity of wine, and reduction of business risks in case of bad crops, depending on the possibility of buying grapes from a wide a set of growers.

All this increases business stability, enables long-term buying and provides better pricing of products, therefore adding value to all stakeholders in the vertical wine-making chain.

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