Goriška brda

Goriška brda

Our vineyards are located in Goriška Brda region in Slovenia, nestled halfway between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. The Brda region has a pleasant sub-Mediterranean climate, with days warmed by the Mediterranean sun and fresh nights cooled by the Alpine breezes. The mild winters and enough precipitation create great conditions for high quality white and red wines with a broad spectrum of aromas. The marl soil, called “opoka” provides great conditions for vine growing and full-bodied mineral wines, which is reflected in Gašper wines. Our vineyards are located on steep slopes and therefore require a lot of manual labour. The grapes for all of our wines are handpicked and special care is taken with every grape.

Perfect combination. Long intelligent winemaking tradition of Goriška Brda, with its rich marlstone soil, hillside vineyards and its climate goes well along with Gašper’s modern view on Slovenian wine.

Gašper wines are a reflection of unique terroir of Goriška Brda and focus on the consumer. With its quality, nature respect and price.

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